Registered Under Society Registration Act, 1860. Regd. No. ROS/North/369/2014.  Recognized by FIT INDIA             


SSCAF-INDIA means "School Sports & Cultural Activities Federation-India".   Its a Sports Federation/Society registered Under Section-XXI of Indian Society Registration Act 1860.  SSSCAF is neither recognized nor affiliated by Ministry of sports.  But in future SSCAF will try for it as per rule. SSCAF-INDIA is an India/National level Federation registered to provide a platform to School boys and girls to show their talent in the field of sports as well in Cultural Activities .   SSCAF-India is basically divided into two parts 1. Sports and 2. Cultural Activities.  Sports Contain various Indoor, outdoor, individual, team games, yoga and martial art.  Cultural activities contain  singing, Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Drama, Writing and drawing skill etc.  SSCAF time to time organize  official seminars and refresher course for officials.    SSCAF organize national level competition to bring the hidden talent of students.  SSCAF-India do not get any funds or grant from state or central government so we charges a nominal entry/registration fees from students.  This fees is used for office expenses, booking of grounds, medals, trophies, certificates, official's payment, Transportation  and sports wear of players and officials, food and stay of players and official staff,  salary of office staff, C.A. fees. SSCAF also provide financial support to financial week students.  But SSCAF never claim that the certificate issued by SSCAF or its state association will help the players for any sports or special quota in jobs or admission.   Its benefits in job and admission are as per Govt. rules.  We try for private sponsorship so that we can provide better facilities to players.  




(Registered Under Section XXI of Society Registration Act. 1860)

  1. The name of Society is :   "SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES FEDERATION"             

        Working Area:   ALL INDIA                  


  1. The Registered office of the Society shall be situated in Delhi at: HOUSE NO 55 KH NO. 149/86 IST FLOOR BLK-E, VILLAGE POOTH KHURD, LANDMARK NEAR BEHIND OF AGGARWAL MANDIR, DELHI 110039

      Working/Secretary Office: 67, Ground Floor, My Floor-2, TDI City Kundli, Sonepat, Haryana-131023

   3.   The objects for which the Society is registered are:

  1. To promote and encourage SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  in India.
    1. To organize and control SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES in India.
    2. To provide facilities for training in SCHOOL SPORT AND CULTURAL ACTIVITY.
    3. To render as and when possible financial assistance to individual player, officials, coach and to         affiliated organization for the promotion of SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  and holding competitions, championship, tournament and other sports events in any part of India.
    4. To provide the players, official and coaches with new knowledge and technique in SCHOOL SPORT AND CULTURAL ACTIVITY.
    5. To enforce all rules and regulations of the International body in so far as they are related to SCHOOL SPORT AND CULTURAL ACTIVITY.
    6. To be the official organization in complete and sole charge of all SCHOOL SPORT AND CULTURAL ACTIVITY’s  matters in India.
    7. To guard and enforce rules in co-operation with the States SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Associations of the country and in full and complete collaboration with the Indian Olympic Association.
    8. To stimulate the interest of the people of the country in promotion of SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES and to that end the formulation of State SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  Association for the development of SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES within a State.
    9. To admit the membership of the State Rural games Associations and other affiliated units.2
    10. To take disciplinary action against any affiliated State / Unit or Organization for misbehavior or any undesirable activity bringing discredit to the country and SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES or which is prejudicial to the interest of the society and for not organizing meets at the state level and sending teams for various competitions.


 NOTE:. For the attainment of aforesaid objects, the Federation may:      

  1. Edit, compile, print and publish periodicals, books, brochures or leaflets.
  2. Accept or procure subscriptions, donations or other contributions on such terms, as it may consider reasonable.

  3.  Procure, collect and accept gifts and endowments on such terms, as it may consider reasonable.

  4.  Borrow or raise money for the purpose of the Federation including the issue of or upon bonds,      debentures, bills of exchange, promissory notes or other obligations or securities of the Federation.

  5.  Acquire movable or immovable properties on behalf of the Federation and sell, lease, exchange, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any part of such properties.

  6.  To plan Coaching schemes for the benefit of SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES players  of the country.

  7.  Do all other things that may be necessary or expedient to promote the development of SCHOOL SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  in India and for the conduct of its business and generally to do all such things as may be necessary for expedient,  awful, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.

NOTE:. The income and property of the Federation herewith detailed shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects as set forth in the memorandum of association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the members provided that nothing therein shall prevent the payment of remuneration to its officers or staff or other persons in return for any services actually rendered by them in their current professional capacity. Part of the money collected by any individual / organization / company can also be paid commission out of the money raised by that agency / individual.




Aims and Goal of SSCAF India


The main and basic goal of SSCAF, India is to provide healthy and corruption free environment to students.  We work on the policy of “Sports for all”.  SSCAF is formed to:

1.  Promote and encourage Sports and Cultural events in School

2.  Provide an opportunity to play for all students.

3.  Organize National school games and cultural events as per international rules and regulation.

4.  Provide latest knowledge of games and sport and to coaches/Physical Education Teacher and players

5.  Scholarships for Gold/Silver and Bronze Medal holder.

6.  Prepare India’s school team for participation in international championship.

7.  Insurance of all participates, officials, coaches and team managers.

8. Accept donations, gifts and sponsorship for organizing championship and facilities to players and officials.

9.  Give financial supports to deserving and economically poor students.


 Benefits of SSCAF, India


A.  For Players:

      1.   Corruption free and fair selection.

      2.   Financial supports for economically week students.

      3.   Sports material for deserving and result oriented BPL Players.  Cash prize may be given if decided in A.G.M. 

      4.   No donation for  selection in teams. (only a nominal fees will be charged for food, stay, transports, sports wear, ground fees and official payments as we have no grants or funds from any state Govt. or any ministry.)

      5.   Free coaching and assistance to deserving students.         


B.   For State or district Co-ordinators:

       1.  A state Secretary or Co-ordinator is the full flash in-charge of his state. 

       2.  He/She will be authorize to conduct state school games and selection trials  

            for participation in SSCAF National School Games and cultural activities.

       3.  A national identity as a state secretary or co-ordinator.

       4.  He/she will be authorized to depute state co-ordinators and to affiliate

            schools and academies.


C.   For Affiliated National Level Sports Association/Federation:

      1.  Promotion of games at school level across India.

      2.  Support to conduct district, state and national level championship.

      3.   Reorganization by SSCAF, India.

      4.  SSCAF, India helps National Association/ Federation to promote their games at national and international level.

      5.  Financial support: Time to time SSCAF,India provide financial support to recognized/affiliated sports Associations

      6.  Publicity through SSCAF, India’s Website, Youtube channel, Facebook page and other more mode of publicity.  

      7.  Time to Time SSCAF, India will organize official seminar and camp to educate officials, coaches players with the latest rules and regulation and techniques.


C.   Affiliated Schools/Institutions and Academies:

      1.  Free membership of SSCAF, India to all interested schools and academies.

      2.  Coaching or training camp in all SSCAF approved schools.

      4.  A national level school will be authorized to prepare his school teams for participation in all state and national level sports and cultural activities conducted by SSCAF India or its affiliated and recognized state bodies.  

      5.  A member school will be authorized to conduct inter-school sport and cultural meet in association with SSCAF, India’s affiliated state units.

      6.  As per SSCAF India’s Policy The team of a school which provide ground, hall and school building for National or state level Championship will treated as an official partner or sponsor and its logo will be placed on certificate, banners, Sports kit of that particular state and on the website of SSCAF, India.  But the staff of that school will not be allowed as officials and judges in that championship.